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About Gentackle

Gentackle helps companies address the increased complexities of an SAP roll-out in remote locations, emerging markets and challenging business environments. These environments create unique challenges requiring a consultant who anticipates site-specific challenges and views the project holistically.

Next Generation Enterprise Asset Management

Our international and technical expertise ensures that you maintain the advantage, leveraging the benefits of SAP from the beginning, and getting the most of your SAP roll-out. We offer a pragmatic approach to problem solving and our efficiency make using Gentackle both time and cost-efficient.
Our SAP contract consultant is based on-site, working hand-in-hand with your team — liaising with your project team, and aligning project priorities with you.
Annabelle Roux
Annabelle RouxFounder
Annabelle Roux leads Gentackle, an emerging markets SAP consultancy. With over ten years of SAP implementation experience, Annabelle manages consultants across the globe. Her experience with complex project environments in South America, Europe, the United States, Russia and West Africa has led her to specialize in Enterprise Asset Management and Supply Chain Management SAP modules.
She received her BS in Business Administration from HEC Montreal Business School and speaks five languages, French, English, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian.
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