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Who We Are

Increased problems relating to SAP in different business environments are overwhelming. We at Gentackle help those businesses in need and guide them to overcome these challenges. Our vast experience with international clients has helped us evolve over the years and now we are determined to manage next-generation enterprise assets.

What We Do

Our SAP Enterprise Asset Management services cater to the needs of the next generation. We tackle complexities that companies often face in challenging business industry, remote location, and emerging markets. These situations require the expertise of a consultant who works closely and step by step to overcome certain challenges.

Our Approach

We follow “Digital Core” – Maintenance Management and “Digital Innovation” – Innovate in Asset Management. These approaches are effective to manage next-generation assets.

Digital Core

In Digital Core – Maintenance Management, we provide emergency, corrective, and preventative maintenance execution through notification and order processing with SAP S/4HANA Asset Management.

Digital Innovation

In Digital Innovation, we implement 4 key cloud products which are part of the SAP Intelligent Asset Management portfolio.

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