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In this episode of the Function 5.0 podcast, host Annabelle Roux sits down with Vatsan Govindarajan and Arnulf Hagen to discuss SAP Predictive Engineering Insights and the role of digital twin technology in problem-solving.

Vatsan is currently leading the development of the high-fidelity digital twin at SAP and is also leading the SAP Visual Enterprise team in New Zealand as a result of SAP’s merger with Right Hemisphere. Arnulf is Chief Scientist at SAP and focuses on the theoretical and methodological development of SAP’s digital twin technology. In this conversation, they discuss the role of digital twins in problem-solving, how businesses are adopting the technology and what their ROI is, and the future plans for the development of these technologies at SAP.

At the beginning of their dialogue, Annabelle asks about the purpose and benefit of digital twins. Vatsan and Arnulf define what a digital twin is, how it is made, and how it can harness sensor-driven analytics for creative problem solving, asset protection, and much more. Next, Annabelle steers the conversation towards SAP’s unique approach to using digital twins, and they talk about four key products of asset management that SAP is using to empower its customers.

Moving forward, Annabelle asks about how businesses are implementing digital twins today and what some of the current “low hanging fruit” of the industry is. They share about how businesses are able to monitor assets with sensors and then replicate the real-world physics digitally to predict outcomes and prevent waste and minimize damage.

As the conversation ends, they transition to discuss SAP’s plans for developing its Predictive Engineering Insights technology over the next several years. This conversation is engaging and filled with information about cutting-edge data technologies for business and asset protection.


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