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About Gentackle

Increased problems relating to SAP in different business environments are overwhelming. We at Gentackle help those businesses in need and guide them to overcome these challenges. Our vast experience with international clients has helped us evolve over the years and now we are determined to manage next-generation enterprise assets.

Why You Should Choose Gentackle

We have internal and technical expertise that ensures you gain all the benefit of SAP right from the start. We make sure our clients take advantage of their SAP roll-out. To achieve the desired results, we offer or use several approaches that guarantee a positive outcome.
For example, we suggest a pragmatic approach to solving the problems of our prestigious clients. Our experience in the industry makes our services cost and time effective – both factors are the need of the current business environment.
We believe in working closely with our clients. So, you should expect SAP consultant available on the work site to work step by step with your team. And, to provide a solution to any problem that occurs on the site. This SAP contractor discusses the project with your team and aligns the priorities of your project with your team as well.
Gentackle has over ten years of experience in SAP implementation. We manage clients and address their problems across the globe. Our clients can rely on us even in the most complex business environments. Working closely with clients belonging to different markets has enabled us to specialize in supply chain management and enterprise asset management modules.
Whether you are facing business challenges in local or international business environment, Gentackle is available to cater to your requirements and to provide long-term benefits.
Annabelle Roux
Annabelle RouxFounder
Annabelle Roux leads Gentackle, an emerging markets SAP consultancy. With over ten years of SAP implementation experience, Annabelle manages consultants across the globe. Her experience with complex project environments in South America, Europe, the United States, Russia and West Africa has led her to specialize in Enterprise Asset Management and Supply Chain Management SAP modules.
She received her BS in Business Administration from HEC Montreal Business School and speaks five languages, French, English, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian.
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