SAP EAM Service Partner - Gentackle

We’re proud to announce that we are an official member of the SAP® PartnerEdge® open ecosystem. This gives us access to a number of critical resources that will enable us to provide better service than ever to our clients.

This article will explain the benefits of the SAP PartnerEdge program and how we can use it to improve our client experience. We’re excited to start taking advantage of these tools and becoming a more efficient and effective SAP consultancy.

What Is SAP PartnerEdge?

SAP PartnerEdge allows consultancies to partner with SAP and utilize their resources within their practices. The service comes in four engagement models depending on the needs of the individual consultancy:

  • Build solutions: This option is intended for OEMs, independent software vendors, and application developers. Partners have the tools they need to develop better solutions for their clients that integrate with or on top of the rest of the SAP suite.
  • Sell solutions: The “sell solutions” model benefits resellers. It allows them to either own the entire lifecycle or collaborate with SAP and other partners.
  • Service solutions: Consultancies like Gentackle can use the “service solutions” model to better optimize their clients’ practices. This also includes a variety of tactics and methodologies to streamline the implementation process.
  • Run solutions: “Run solutions” partners manage outsourcing, cloud, and a range of hosting services to the SAP customer base. They can offer subscription-based services with the backing of SAP to reassure potential clients.

How Does It Work?

The PartnerEdge portal is a one-stop shop for critical information including partner news, product overviews, implementation guides, and more. It also includes informative webinars and a learning room called the IoT and Digital Supply Chain Collaboration Room.

With PartnerEdge, SAP partners can access a variety of free online courses to improve their understanding of the platform and its capabilities. We believe there’s always room for improvement, and we plan to leverage these tools to stay up to date on the latest industry trends.

Partner licenses provide a wider range of features than customer license along with more flexibility in offering services to clients. We’re now able to leverage some of SAP’s most powerful tools to help bring our clients unmatched service and results.

The PartnerEdge Launchpad

The SAP PartnerEdge Launchpad is designed to make the platform easy to use at any time, and it’s accessible from any device. With the Launchpad, we can manage our engagement with SAP more efficiently than ever and keep up with the latest developments.

This part of the application gives us immediate access to information about critical business processes, and it’s also thoroughly customizable. We’re becoming quicker and more effective in our service, and SAP Launchpad is one of the most important tools in the PartnerEdge suite.

Actionable Information

Having access to advanced data about our performance is one of the most important benefits of SAP PartnerEdge. We can measure our progress at any time and compare our results to key program indicators.

Effective use of the SAP platform requires attention to detail and a commitment to continual improvement, so this information offers a major competitive advantage and helps us learn more about getting the most out of SAP.

Test and Demo Licenses

Access to test and demo licenses is one of the top benefits of SAP PartnerEdge, and we’re excited to have the opportunity to perform demos with our customers. We’re always looking for ways to provide even better service to our clients, and demos are a great way to work through the intricacies of an SAP implementation.

Thanks to licenses for SAP Intelligent Asset Management, we look forward to collaborating with our clients to build the most effective solutions. In addition to its other perks, being able to run demos was a key factor in our decision to become an SAP partner.


Partner events are an invaluable perk available through PartnerEdge, enabling us to provide even more value for our subscribers. We’ll be organizing regular webinars to demonstrate the power of SAP and help users get more out of the platform. If you’re interested in learning more about SAP Intelligent Asset Management, stay tuned for updates on future Gentackle webinars.


SAP PartnerEdge is limited to qualified and experienced partners who have a strong understanding of SAP’s software. We’re required to demonstrate our capability by completing role-based training and assessments as a solution consultant.

Furthermore, SAP will continue to confirm our suitability twice each year. Fortunately, we have unlimited access to generic learning materials and can easily learn more about the platform. We’re dedicated to continually refining our approach and improving our results from one quarter to the next.

Collaboration Through SAP Platinum Partnerships

Platinum partnerships are reserved for reputable businesses with a long history of success as an SAP partner. They’re available by invitation only pending approval from the SAP Executive Board. Platinum partners are some of the most trusted SAP providers, and the Platinum title helps them market to new clients while providing numerous critical benefits.

Dr. Marcell Vollmer, Chief Innovation Officer at Celonis and former Chief Digital Officer at SAP Ariba, spoke to Gentackle on the importance of a Platinum partnership for businesses in the SAP ecosystem:

“As platinum partner you get access to a huge ecosystem leveraging the power of ‘&’ to create impact for enterprise businesses.”

Partnerships at all levels focus on cultivating a symbiotic relationship between SAP and the partner as well as between two partners. Even the most effective consultancy can’t provide the same value as multiple partners working together, and collaboration is critical for sustainable success with the SAP platform. Joining the SAP ecosystem is an important step for us as a consultancy, but it will have even more of an impact on our client experience.

Everything about the PartnerEdge program is intended to maximize the impact partners can have on their clients’ practices and results. With access to training and educational resources, licenses to run demos with customers, information on our performance in all areas and a range of other features, we’re more prepared than ever to deliver unparalleled service to each client.